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Storth separator

The separator is designed to mechanically separate solid and liquid parts of fibrous materials such as manure. The robust separator design is easy to handle with all types of livestock manure.

Separator Benefits:

  • Creates a stack of piles.
  • Can increase tank capacity up to 25%
  • Separated liquid requires much less mixing and does not form crust.
  • Separated liquid easily penetrates the soil without damaging the grass, so the cows can be brought to the field much faster.
  • Because the absorption process is much easier, a larger load can be applied, which means less space for slurry distribution.
  • It is easier to pump off long distances without locking the equipment.
  • Research has shown that using separated liquid rather than complex fertilizers can produce up to 1 t / ha more grass.
  • Solids can be scattered at any time of the year.
  • The hard parts have preserved almost all the potassium and phosphate content.